Daily Run: Five Miles Broken

This week I broke five miles on my regular run. I currently run five times a week and cycle one day a week, although the cycling will increase as the weather improves. I cycle to university which is a total of forty four miles for the round trip. I could easily cycle that far every day but right now my schedule lends itself well to running. I have also noticed that running seems to be by far the most effective activity that I have tried in terms of fat loss.

The Map

I am starting to enjoy running for its own sake. This time I listened to BBC Question Time. I like that as it saves me the bother of spending an hour of my relaxing time watching it. This run was performed partly in absolutely torrential rain and this is very good for training in terms of stamina and endurance. Anyone who has lived in the north of England will be accustomed to the rage one feels when it rains all day and then, when one arrives home, out comes the sunshine.

Scheduling Plans

Last weekend I did my first run over ten miles since I broke my ankle and I intend to make this a theme. I cycle on Mondays, run through the rest of the week with a ten miles or greater run on Saturdays. On Sundays I rest. Last week I made the mistake of doing my big run on the Sunday and then cycling on the Monday. This gave me a crippling headache afterwards, likely the result of poorly balanced electrolytes.

I’ll do a few more posts over the coming days. One about diet and nutrition and one about apps and hardware.


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