Morning Run: Six Miles Broken

I broke six miles in the morning as a part of my new schedule this week (yesterday to be precise)


This was a pretty fast run for me, well under my normally sluggish 11 (+) minute miles. I reiterate what I have said before: I am not a strong runner, nor have I ever been. I have plenty of stamina and I can endure with the best of them but speed is not my forte. This run did present an opportunity for me to use my new running trousers and that was superb. Proper kit makes a huge difference to exercise. Despite it being near freezing yesterday my legs were extremely warm, I ran a lot faster, my muscles were not sore and I had very few of the usual aches and pains I normally get after running. This may all be coincidence of course and I am certainly not suggesting that this is some sort of cure-all for the ills of runner, however it was fantastic just to be warm and to have a good feeling afterwards.

Today I should receive my replacement ANT USB Stick for my Garmin Swim watch so I will be reintroducing swimming into my routine. We shall see how that goes…


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