Plans Change

So, after all of my bluster and chunnering away about the cycle ride I was to embark upon yesterday, I had a night to forget with sick daughters and so I was never going to be able to cycle safely on a dark, winter morning/evening and in relatively poor conditions. Instead I had to do the unthinkable. I caught the train. To make up for it in the evening I did a gentle jog around the block, as you can see below.

As you can see it was not much of a run, however today I made up for it by pushing my run home from school to over six miles.

This is fast becoming a serious run for me, meaning that I will be able to push my long weekend run up into the high teens. I have never done a marathon so I would like to drive my performance up into that level of fitness.

In Water

I have just ordered a replacement Garmin ANT Stick USB sensor so I can upload data from my Garmin Swim watch. I used to swim a few years ago until I got so fed up with the way my local pool was run that I gave it up. I am going to take it up again as I am pretty good at it and I do miss it a lot. Maybe I will even do a triathlon or two this year. I would certainly like to. More on that front, anon.


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