Achievement Unlocked: 1000 Calorie Burn on the Morning Run

Today was another achievement I unlocked: 1000 calories burned on the morning run. I have of course done better distances previously but never on my morning run. I upscaled from 6 to 6.6 miles which tipped me over the threshold.


Daily Triathlon

So, my replacement ANT USB stick for my Garmin Swim watch arrived today which means that tonight, all being well I shall be going for a good long swim. On top of that my bicycle is my primary vehicle meaning that tonight I will be riding to the pool. In addition to THAT I always make a habit of cycling short runs such as this one via the scenic route and this ride normally adds up to ten miles in total. If I add an hour of swimming to that ride and also this morning’s run then I will pretty much be doing a triathlon in a day. I have never looked at things that way before but this is more or less what I had been doing for ages before I abandoned swimming for a while. Since I intend to swim thrice weekly I may well end up in a position where I will be doing three daily triathlons every week.

I used to think of the word “triathlon” as representative of something incredibly gruelling and challenging but now it doesn’t seem such a big deal.

I can do it.


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