Back in the Pool!

So I leapt back in to the pool tonight and boy have I not swum for a few years or what! It felt good to ease my self back in to the swing of things with a 500 metre swim divided into 5 sets of 4 x 25 metre laps.

The Data


Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 22.10.22

None of this will strike any reader as particularly impressive, of that I have no doubt, and I would also note that the first few laps were a little spasmodic as I dealt with some shenanigans concerning trunks falling down and I was reacquainting myself with my Garmin Swim watch. I had forgotten which buttons do what so I missed two laps and ended up stopping and starting once or twice. Ho hum.

This is, however, the start of what should be a fairly steep curve. I used to swim for an hour without a break so I will be working up to that for starters. I am committing to swimming at least two days per week. Tonight was clearly just the start and bear in mind I ran a good distance this morning as well as cycling to and from the pool, plus the school run is 6 miles of walking so I’m hardly slacking. One thing that tonight has inspired me to do is a post detailing the various idiots who frequent public swimming pools. Stay tuned for that pop pickers.


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