Achievement Unlocked: Seven Miles Broken on the Morning Run

Today I broke through seven miles on the morning run. After running, cycling and swimming yesterday I expected to suffer a little bit on this one but I seemed to find the strength and stamina to complete this run with relative ease. Put that down to good shoes and clothing, training properly and safely (including warming up, warming down and stretching off well) and good nutrition. I have yet to say a great deal about food but I will at some point.


I am hoping that I can push for eight miles tomorrow and then on my long endurance run on Saturday I would quite like to break a half marathon. I am harbouring ambitions at the back of my mind and one is to complete the 2017 London Marathon. I am certainly on track in terms of improving my distances. I think the key for this will be mental strength and that has yet to be tested to that distance. Right now I feel pretty confident.


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