Achievement Unlocked: Dumbass

The title of today’s post is somewhat misleading as my real achievement for today was to breach the nine mile barrier for the morning run. What is annoying is the manner in which it happened.


Upon setting off the heavens opened. First with sleet, then snow. This meant a change of plans as I had intended to do a climb over Crown Point (a hill near to where I live), however running over there in that kind of weather is very dangerous. It meant the possibility of a frozen road and also, as I have mentioned before, this is a route over which drivers can often drive like complete lunatics. It is just too high risk. Of course, now the sun is shining – isn’t it always?

What is also unfortunate is that the Runtastic Pro app on my Apple Watch froze and crashed and I had a nasty fall. This meant I lost my keys, likely during the fall but possibly as a result of continually pulling my phone from my pocket to check stats because the FREAKING WATCH APP DIDN’T WORK. I cannot begin to quantify the strength of my annoyance on this front. What is worse is that, having completed nine miles and being very tired I had to do the three mile (round trip) walk to my son’s school to get his key. Dressed in my spandex running gear. Brilliant.

I hope I am getting all of my bad luck for 2016 out of the way.


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