Catching Up

I am currently in the midst of the perennial hell that is known as the school holidays and as such fitness and blogging are difficult. I missed my big weekend run due to eating (accidentally) something with MSG in it. This gave me the usual nasty reaction that is worse than migraine. With that irritation at the back of my mind I got back on the horse as quickly as I could. I am slowly juggling my routine into alternate days of swimming and running with cycling dotted about wherever possible. Right now it is very cold here in England so I am waiting for it to warm up before I tackle some serious riding, although I am cycling home from the school run on the days I do not do a morning run.


My swim on Monday was as follows:

600 m • 26:11 • 1:46 min/100 m • 34.1 100m/hour •

Source: Swim

This was 6 drills of 6 laps front crawl.


Tuesday was a run which clocked in at just over 6 miles, however I once again managed to accidentally stop my Apple Watch recording meaning that, by my estimation I lost about 1.5 miles, but hey, at least I ran it, right?


This was a very easy run compared to previous ones and I think that my body is benefiting from having every other day off from running. I had a renewed spring in my step and my cadence and speed simply felt much better. I have often been running and been tired all of the way round, so I think that this vindicates my current strategy. Even better is that swimming works the upper body far more than any other part, (as evidenced by my arm and chest muscles shaking afterwards!) so it divides by efforts between upper and lower body evenly and conveniently.


Yesterday was a swimming day and I have now doubled my distance in the pool from the 600 metre swim I did first time out this year.


1,200 m • 34:30 • 1:55 min/100 m • 31.3 100m/hour •

Source: Swim

6 drills of 8 laps of front crawl.

I am not feeling like a particularly proficient swimmer as yet but it does not feel especially challenging to step up by adding two laps to each drill. At my swimming peak I would swim for 75-90 minutes without stopping. I am aiming to hit that this year. I would also love to try open water swimming but right now having young children means that I would have to do that alone which is extraordinarily dangerous and nobody should EVER do it. Once they are older and can be left safely with babysitters, or with friends then I will try to take on the challenge of open water swimming, probably in the Lake District.


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