Achievement Unlocked: 2000 Metres

Tonight I successfully completed a 2000 metres swim. It was actually 2050 metres but that is only because I miscounted laps on one drill. The swim was 8 drill of 250 metres.


2,050 m • 1:00:09 • 1:58 min/100 m • 30.6 100m/hour •

Source: 2000 metres unlocked

I could have carried on swimming tonight so I am hoping soon to hit the next milestone which is to swim for an hour with one break. In the past I usually divided that into 2 drills of 50 laps. Intermediate stages for that will be 4 x 20 laps and then 3 x 30 laps.

The elements of swimming I love are the whole body, non-impact workout it gives and also the resistance, particularly for the upper body. It is a very satisfying sport in which to partake.

Onward and upward…


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