Achievement Unlocked: 100 Laps

Tonight I stepped up my swimming in a big way. My last swim was 8 drills of 10 laps. Tonight I doubled my lap count and completed five drills, coming in at 100 laps and 2500 metres. I felt great swimming and I could have pushed for another drill but the adults only swimming session at the pool only for just an hour, and I completed this with 2 minutes to spare. I was actually swimming for 49 minute, meaning that I rested for just nine minutes. I am not sure where I will go from here but I have in mind to push for 4 drills of 30 laps, clocking in at 120 in total. I can do that for sure, what counts is whether I can do it in an hour. We shall see.


2,500 m • 57:24 • 2:00 min/100 m • 30.1 100m/hour •

Source: 100 laps completed on Garmin Connect

I am getting closer to my target of swimming nonstop for an hour and its amazing to see how my body has remembered how good I was previously and it has adapted remarkably well. Right now I feel that I could push on so much further than this, which is a good sign. I feel tired and well exercised but not completely spent. It is now just a case of properly managing the growth curve in my fitness now. I’m hoping I can be ready to do at least a triathlon this year. That would be cool.


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