On the Road

I am now at a position where a 9-10 mile run is pretty standard so I have turned my attention to the issue of elevation. I am now doing the fabled Crown Point run as a standard, something that, on sunny days such as today is good not only for fitness but also mental health since it is a beautiful run in the countryside. Today I was greeted by birdsong as I ran over the hardest climbs on the course and it was beautiful. It is also a hell of a climb at +797 ft elevation gained. When I do this course from home it is around +1115 so it is quite the heave up that hill.


I could definitely feel a little fatigue from yesterday’s swim where I pushed myself hard, but now I get all of today to relax and rest and then tomorrow I don’t swim until 9 pm, meaning that I have close to two days to recover now. That should rest my aching muscles well.

Onward and upward…


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