Achievement Unlocked: 1 Hour Nonstop Swim

I did it! After all that huff and puff about swimming for an hour without a rest I finally did it, and it turns out that my hand was forced too. My pool decided not to update its timetable so when I arrived for a swim I found that I only had an hour rather than 90 minutes due to lessons having been scheduled but not posted online to the timetable. Idiots. Anyway, I was planning to swim long distance tonight, shooting for 4000 metres in 40 lap drills but since I couldn’t do that I opted to push myself in terms of stamina. It turns out to have been easier than doing drills, since I ached less, both then and now and I do not feel as sore as if I had done drills.


3,025 m • 1:01:31 • 2:02 min/100 m • 29.5 100m/hour •

Source: 3000 metres continuous swimming

Rather bizarrely Garmin Connect has added an extra lap when I had to stop to pull up my shorts and re-tie the drawstring so my Garmin Swim watch thinks that I did 3025 metres and burned off an extra seven calories. Very strange. Still, I consider this to be a major achievement for me, especially as I only returned to swimming around three weeks ago. I am hoping that I can next secure a swim of 90 minutes or more and to be able to shoot for 4000 metres nonstop. That will be a swim of a greater distance than that required in the Iron Man triathlon, which comes in at 2.4 miles/3.9 (ish) kilometres.

Not bad for thirty-something about to become a forty-something I feel.


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