Lessons Learned in the Pool

Tonight I furthered my maximum distance in the pool thus far to 3500 metres. I am very proud of myself, however tonight I learned a valuable lesson. Never eat a spicy meal before a swim. I had so much trapped wind by the time I had finished that I felt as though one of the chestbursters from the Alien films was about to explode out of me.


3,500 m • 1:12:50 • 2:05 min/100 m • 28.8 100m/hour •

Source: 3500 metres of farty, burpy swimming

Still, we all live and learn as time goes by and I didn’t feel a thing until I got out of the pool. When I arrived home I downed some bicarbonate of soda to take care of my colic-y ailment and I found myself regretting that I finished this swim with only 3 minutes of pool time to spare. Had I had an extra ten minutes or so then I would have pushed on to 4000 metres and broken through the distance required to complete the swimming leg of an Iron Man triathlon, some 2.4 miles.

Still, there’s always next time. I’ll nail it then.


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