Catching Up

I forgot to blog yesterday. I cycled a short 11 mile ride with a good 760 foot climb. The weather is still too wintery to cycle much further but it should change soon. It was unbelievably cold but Crown Point is also undeniably beautiful in the snow.


11.00 mi • 50:07 • 4:33 min/mi • 13.2 mph • 760 ft

Source: Cycling

Today I ran, but it was only a short distance, some 2.43 miles. The reason for this was that I wanted to pick up speed, something I did successfully, pushing my time down to an average 9.32 minute miles. I have said before that I am not  a strong runner so I think it might well be wise for me to run short distances at speed as well as to go for longer runs. Distance comes relatively easily to me whereas improvements in speed and technique are things I find much more challenging. Since pushing further and further is unlikely to improve my times I figured that the variation would mix things up a little and help me improve things. I should have the energy to swim tonight as well.


Onward we go…


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