Back on Track

It has been some time since I last posted. This is due to me travelling a lot, on this occasion to Bologna and The Azores, and in addition to that I frequently become sick when I travel. This is down to the fact that planes are absolutely disgusting and I always pick something up. These two trips were relatively close together and the Azores trip had a good few connecting flights between islands on the archipelago, meaning that I have been either on the road or ill for a good few months now.

All of this culminates in me essentially having to start again, but I have learnt something about myself in doing so. Previously when I have found myself in this position I have had to build up from the 1.5-2 mile mark when running, whereas this time I easily completed a run of 3.27 miles.


I could easily have carried on for a good few miles more, but I didn’t want to push too hard and hurt myself and also the course is a natural circuit, bringing me back home at the 3.27 mile mark. Plus, it was late in the day so I wanted to have a decent wind down too.

What I learned is that my base level of performance, if you will, has raised considerably. Starting from cold after a few months out unwell I was able to double my previous best distance and I didn’t come close to hitting the wall. Even though being unwell has reduced me to a starter runner again, clearly my previous training has not been for nought. I remember this with cycling. Now as a long time cyclist of decades I am at the point where cycling to and from university (45 miles or so) is something I can do after not cycling for a while. It would seem that I am pushing my running ability in the same direction.


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