Back to the Pavement

It is that time again! I am back on the road, pounding the pavement, covering the miles, and any more euphemisms one would care to employ. Since this is a new start I decided this morning to push hard and hit three miles as my opening run. I think that I must have the muscle memory now to push a little harder. Additionally I also consciously stepped up my stride and pace. One of the dangers associated with jogging is that one might, due to fatigue or tedium, end up shuffling. I see many people shuffling and it is essentially what one does when one is just trying to keep the pace above a brisk walk. Ironically I think that a brisk walk might be better than shuffling simply to prove a point. There is no sense torturing oneself doing exercise that seems unpleasant and arduous. A person should just spend an hour walking the dog instead since I think that psychologically it would be much more beneficial to do so.


Data Summary

  • 3.06 miles
  • 29:34 minutes, 9.40 minute miles
  • 484 calories burned

This run left me pumped and feeling good, I am absolutely back in the zone. I arrived home at a distance of 2.75 miles so I decided to run on down the road and push through the 3 mile barrier. That is how I usually push my distances up into the higher mileages and this strategy got me up to a half marathon not so long ago. For my next trick I will target a 500 calorie burn.


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