Finally Hiking!

Today I finally got to hike with the children! We took them to a beautiful location in Lancashire, specifically Hebden Bridge, known as Hardcastle Crags. I hiked a great deal before I had a family of my own. Just off the top of my head I can remember climbing Snowdon, Skiddaw, Helvellyn, Cader Idris, Scafell, and walked the Rawten Pot, Thievley Pike and Wainwright’s Coast to Coast, to name but a few. Having children put that on hold. This is the first time I have taken the children on a genuine hiking trail as they are now old enough to do it. We walk all over the place but this is different as it is physically taxing in a way that only hiking is, climbing steep slopes or rocky terrain for example. I would wholeheartedly recommend this place to any outdoors fan as it is beautiful, reasonably easy to walk so appropriate for all ages and abilities, and rewarding to complete. The views are beautiful and the scenery lush. I consider this a starter route for the little critters and I fully intend to have them climbing mountains in the Lake District soon. I would dearly love to have them cover all of Wainwright’s 214 Lakeland fells before they grow up and fly the nest.


This particular hike, the Mill Walk, is one of several routes available at Hardcastle Crags and it is 3 miles in length, with roughly half of it challenging terrain and the other half a flat river hike.


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