Hawdraw Force: Conquered!

Today we went for a short, flat and relatively easy hike which covered what I believe is the largest overground waterfall in England, possibly the UK, Hawdraw Force. This was a beautiful sight, I must say, although I was disgusted to be asked to pay £10 just for the privilege of looking at it. That is one element of being British/English I loathe the most; we are mean. In my experience the UK is one of the meanest countries on Earth. Everywhere I go there I find some little pipsqueak in the way, sticking his hand out, wanting his cut. That being said, this was a good day and I enjoyed it. My only complaint about this route is that it is very stop-startish. There are no long stretches where the kids and hounds can run, however, it was worth it to see the waterfall.

Map, Data and Photos

  • 4.26 miles
  • 01:19:46 hours
  • 18.43 minute miles
  • 542 calories burned
  • 433 feet climbed


A robin that decided to join us during our picnic.

Pub rules.

Hawdraw Force.


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