Cautley Spout: Conquered!

After a weekend or so without hiking we got out today, and I think that the season is winding down now as we lost the light awfully quickly towards the end of the walk. We visited a waterfall walk in the Yorkshire Dales called Cautley Spout which is located in Sedbergh. It is beautiful to look at and challenging to hike. Fortunately, after we found ourselves on the wrong path for the descent we turned it into a straightforward up and down climb, however had we been on a circular that had taken us out of sight of where we started then the dark conditions would have left us in serious danger of getting lost in the night, a terrible position to be in. As it is you can tell from the GPS track exactly where we got lost and had to double back on ourselves to make it down. In the process of climbing we reached the summit of Calf Fell before descending more or less the way we came. A good day of hiking.

Map, Data and Photos

  • 5.59 miles
  • 3:37:29
  • 1769 feet climbed
  • 567 calories burned


Night Running: Challenging. Garmin Vivoactive: Enlightening and Superb

Goodbye Apple Watch/Runtastic: hello Garmin Vivoactive and Garmin Connect! The difference in performance and between these two products is staggering. Apple Watch: buggy, annoying to use, crap battery etc. Garmin: solid, dependable, perfect to use. Yesterday I also learned that running in pitch black night slows me down! I was unsure of myself for many stretches of the course so I ran cautiously, clocking in at over nine minute miles, which is annoying, but there we are. Beats an injury from a nasty fall.


  • 3.01 miles
  • 28:18 minutes
  • 9.25 minute miles
  • 502 calories burned