Back on the Trail

It’s nigh on a year since I blogged here. It’s been a long year with a lot of illness and a ton of work that has kept me from training effectively, however I’m now making a push to improve myself again and so today I started with a gentle two miles.

  • 2 miles
  • 335 calories
  • 19:53
  • 24 feet elevation gain

God I’ve missed this. Luckily I’m feeling good, having gotten a serious endorphin hit from today’s run, and it’s hiking season so I’m looking forward to ramping that up. The kids are a year older and thus able to go further for longer. We’ve already covered Malham Cove last weekend and we are aiming to climb Skiddaw very soon, plus covering some of the oldies, starting with a new route over Ingleborough this weekend. I’m going to start swimming again and hopefully push hard to run better and faster.


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