Stuck with Bad Luck

I’m not having much luck with exercise right now. I’m currently sitting, nursing pretty severe pain in my heel and praying to high heaven that I’ve merely banged it in my sleep. If not then I may have plantar fasciitis and that is a nightmare injury to recover from.

I have had mild flu like symptoms for a couple of days and that always comes with aches and pains in really weird places. Hopefully that is all and it will fade in a day or two. I’m so fed up of starting out again,only to get ill or pick up an injury. I feel like I have been on that demoralising treadmill forever.

So how does one stay positive during these trials? Well, I guess that for me I’ll simply have to be bull-headed and be ready to bounce back when the pain alleviates. I might be able to swim as pressure definitely worsens the pain but that’s about it. Even walking is difficult.

There is time and opportunity to be used though. I can start to plan dietary routines and also try to make use of my kettlebell in creative ways. I can also draw up new targets and schedule to hit them.

God this is frustrating.


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