Loch Lomond

I had been intending to vlog about my trip to Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park but a lack of usable footage abounds unfortunately. Nonetheless water sports and exploration in deepest, darkest Scotland was great. I even did something I have not done for easily a quarter of a century: I ate chip shop chips, this time by the shore. I imagine that it will be at least another twenty five years until I do that again.

It has been a good, fun year so far. I have noticed a pattern too, which is that I seem to run more in the winter, and by some distance too. It is funny what you learn when you look back and analyse. Summer is when I do shedloads of cycling, both commuting, pleasure and, thanks to the addition of a decent foldie, everyday cycling to the shops, doctor, and so forth. I cannot think of the last time I got to somewhere locally using the car other than occasions when collecting or carrying a boot-load of things far too heavy for cycling. Even those journeys have been reduced by slicing them up or rearranging things to suit the city bike lifestyle. This winter I will be running in the morning again, relentlessly. It feels strange to look forward to the wettest, darkest and most dank time of the year but hey, that is how I am built.