Another Leap Forward, and Runtastic Sucks

So, yesterday I upped my distance to 10.2 miles. Sadly the people at Runtastic have constructed an app for iOS 10 that leaves much to be desired. First up, every time it is reinstalled it turns on the voice coach by default, and good god do I hate that damned thing. It can’t be so hard for them to have turning it on or off at setup as a standard function, so why they do this is beyond me. Secondly, when used with Apple Watch it doesn’t exactly operate properly. When glancing at the watch it takes five seconds to display data, during which time it displays the start screen. Thinking that I had forgotten to do so, I pressed start and this actually ended the workout on the watch, so my run is split into 1.2 and 9.01 mile segments. I cannot describe how annoying that is. I hope that this is fixed sharpish. To add insult to injury the autopause function didn’t work at all well, thus rendering my times relatively pointless records of my performance. That being said, I was slow, clocking at over 12 minute miles. In my defence the first half of this run was all uphill, most of it at a very steep incline so whilst my times were slow, my endurance was tested well. As a Lancastrian everywhere I run will be like that. My cycling ability developed very quickly some years ago because of the terrain here, so hopefully the same will apply to my running. Plus it is beautiful scenery to run through. 

All that aside, I am resting today after running four days in a row and pushing myself so far so quickly, and preparing to run next week, hopefully hitting 20 miles on Wednesday. This will be my first run home from university, a target I have discussed attempting to hit for some time on here. Right now it feels well within reach and so I should be set to go for it this coming week. 

Fingers crossed!