Whernside Redux: Electric Boogaloo

I am slightly concerned about my Garmin Vivoactive sports watch. Granted it is not cutting edge technology any more, it’s an old model of sports watch, however either it or the Apple Health app is calculating things badly. My money is on Garmin doing it wrong which is unfortunate. Here is my reasoning:

Garmin stats

Apple Health Stats

According to the Yorkshire Dales website climbing Whernside is 8.4 miles of hiking. Given that Apple Health clocks all of my steps during the day it seems sensible to believe that I hiked the 8.4 miles and the rest is normal everyday wandering about.

Garmin Vivoactive clocked me at 6.41 miles which seems very low. I have no idea why it does this but I think it vastly underestimates the distance I hiked.

That being said, despite the notoriety of Whernside for bad weather today’s hike was great. I even took photos.

Ingleborough from the descent

Tadpole Hunting

Millie, our dog, Pulling a Pint

Here, finally, is the map

Whatever is going on with my tracking equipment I can attest to the joy found in ascending this peak. Even though I have done it many times before it is beautiful to see the view from the summit. We definitely earned our pint in the country pub at the end.

Summit Panorama


Project Lake District: Derwent Water

This year I have decided on an activity for my family entitled Project Lake District. I intend to take my children to all nineteen of the lakes in the Lake District. Strictly speaking only Bassenthwaite Lake is actually a lake. The rest are waters. That being said, geographical taxonomy is neither my specialty nor my subject for this blog. I love the Lake District and have explored a lot of it, climbing Scafell, Helvellyn and Skiddaw Massif to name but a few and I have spent plenty of time around Windermere, Derwent Water, Grasmere, Coniston Water and others. I want my children to experience the beauty of this place too.

Today we conquered Derwent Water. I had initially intended to walk the kids all of the way around it, however this quickly turned out to be unrealistic. A couple of days ago I walked my children 11.52 miles to wear them out and that was, I found out, their limit, so another few miles on top (Derwent is around 14-15 in circumference) would have been impossible, particularly since my youngest had not slept well since the big walk and she is possibly the angriest, most stubborn and grumpy human being I know.  We kept it to four miles (ish) and that left us with some extremely tired sprogs and dogs.



Derwent Water

Derwent Water

Derwent Water

Next up: Grasmere.

First Walk of the Year: Worden Park

I have been a hiker and walker for decades. I spent many a day in the Brecon Beacons or the Lake District, with highlights such as climbing Scafell, Snowdon and the lesser know Cader Idris in Wales. As a man with three children under nine years of age my hiking options are restricted so this year I have set myself the target of taking the children on the walks that Lancashire County Council has posted online (PDF maps provided for free there) before 2016 is over. They are all gentle rambles rather than challenging climbs as you might expect. Today we completed the Worden Park walk, although we had to shorten it by a mile to accommodate a grumpy five year old.


This was a surprisingly pretty walk given the location in Leyland, so I took some photographs too.

Worden Park

Worden Park

Worden Park

Worden Park

Worden Park


This is a gentle starter walk which is ideal for young children and plenty of space for dogs to roam free (and children too for that matter). It is not at all taxing and most of the walk is well sheltered as it takes the walker through a forest. It is a very busy area, even in January so in summer expect crowds. It is a park but the walk takes place in the extended woodland surrounding the area so you will be out of the way of those playing football or whatever.

Not a bad start to the year and hopefully the first step to completing all of the leisure walks on the Visit Lancashire website.