Achievement Unlocked: 3000 Metres

Today was a good day, starting this morning. I am on my non-running day so today I took a short bike ride, 11 miles or so. I enjoyed it because it was a clear, beautiful winter day in the countryside as you can see from the photograph below. The downside of such rides on a February day in the UK is the temperature. Today it was -3 degrees which is unbelievably cold when one factors in the usual windchill associated with cycling.

On the road, cycling over Crown Point



11.00 mi • 47:11 • 4:17 min/mi • 14.0 mph • 912 ft

Source: Garmin Connect

I always log my rides using my Garmin Edge 800 (I will trade up to an Edge 1000 at some point – love that thing) but in order to fulfil my workout targets on my Apple Watch I logged the ride using the workout app on that too. It did duplicate the workout on My Fitness Pal so I had to delete the Apple version because Garmin counts calories and calculates climbs and so forth with far greater accuracy than any app can. I will do things this way in future because previously I used to have to add my calorie burn and distance cycled to iOS Health manually, this way it gets done for me so it is easier to delete from My Fitness Pal than to add all of that manually. In an ideal world Garmin Connect data would automatically be pushed to iOS health but that isn’t an available feature yet. I think it might be an Apple thing because I have had to add manual info whenever I track with anything that isn’t an app so I don’t think that Apple allows third party apps or services to push data to Health retrospectively without an iOS app being involved. On the other hand however, I can easily see that being epic stubbornness on the part of Garmin. Just see their annoying behaviour in respect to Strava for evidence on that front. I’ve asked Garmin and got no answer and Apple have not been forthcoming either.


This evening I managed a milestone swim of 3000 metres, consisting of four drills of 30 laps.


3,000 m • 1:08:30 • 2:00 min/100 m • 30.1 100m/hour •

Source: Garmin Connnect: 3000 Metres

This was yet again a swim where I could have done a lot more had I had the following five days to recover. I feel I did around 75% of what I could have done on the night, however we mere mortals do not have the luxuries of pro athletes. I have real life in the morning! Still, in a way I have done two thirds of a triathlon today. That is definitely new.

Achievement Unlocked: 1000 Calorie Burn on the Morning Run

Today was another achievement I unlocked: 1000 calories burned on the morning run. I have of course done better distances previously but never on my morning run. I upscaled from 6 to 6.6 miles which tipped me over the threshold.


Daily Triathlon

So, my replacement ANT USB stick for my Garmin Swim watch arrived today which means that tonight, all being well I shall be going for a good long swim. On top of that my bicycle is my primary vehicle meaning that tonight I will be riding to the pool. In addition to THAT I always make a habit of cycling short runs such as this one via the scenic route and this ride normally adds up to ten miles in total. If I add an hour of swimming to that ride and also this morning’s run then I will pretty much be doing a triathlon in a day. I have never looked at things that way before but this is more or less what I had been doing for ages before I abandoned swimming for a while. Since I intend to swim thrice weekly I may well end up in a position where I will be doing three daily triathlons every week.

I used to think of the word “triathlon” as representative of something incredibly gruelling and challenging but now it doesn’t seem such a big deal.

I can do it.